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Kids Training trousers

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A goal, ball, pitch or football field are essential to play football. Also, a pair of football trousers or pants is very much needed to kick the ball. Training trousers are best to play sports. Functionality and durability are just two of many great features the pants have.

Everyone has one and everyone needs one. Our modern and stylish jogging trousers are also perfect for a casual look. The JAKO training trousers and pants for kids are available in different variations. You have your choice of an open leg gathers, hem or as shorts. Functional for training and practise, comfortable in your free time. The JAKO trousers collection dresses you well in any occasion. Made for athletic kids, junior teams and active children. The classic size selection is completed by short and long sizes. Either hard-wearing and durable training pants or stylish and classy presentation trousers with mesh inserts. JAKO has the trousers styles, moms are looking for.  Functional material for playing sports and fabrics with high-wearing comfort for leisure time activities. Modern applications on the training trousers really score with women. Supple on the skin, our jazz and Capri pants fit very perfect and look great when working out. Besides offering various styles, JAKO has a unique choice of materials and functionalities. Micro fine fibres transport the moisture away from the skin to the outsides of the material. Therefore, the material dries fast and keeps your body from cooling. A comfortable body feeling is kept in the JAKO jogging trousers.

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