JAKO Ball Indoor Classico 3.0

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The hand-stitched INDOOR CLASSICO 3.0 ball is perfect for the hall and other interior areas. Due to the felt upper material with polyester carrier material, the ball does not stick to the hall floor but rather glides optimally through the hall. Footballers of all playing levels get along very well with this ball, as the special ball construction in particular ensures a reduced bounce force of the ball. Adolescents as well as adults can play the ball equally. The ball INDOOR has a special anti-fungal coating, which prevents the development of unpleasant odours. Due to its 4-fold lamination it is optimally resistant. The durability of the ball increases by specially coated seams and by the bubble from soft Butyl the air loss remains extremely small. The football is available in the sizes 4 and 5 and the upper material in the colour combination neon yellow, grey, black is optimally visible on all kinds of hall floors.
  • 32 panel
  • Butyl bladder
  • 4-ply lamination for optimal durability
  • Felt upper material in neon yellow for ideal visibility
  • Hand-stitched