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The StuttgART jersey: A work of art from Cannstatt

With the StuttgART jersey, VfB combines art and football in an unusual way. It was designed by artist Tim Bengel with JAKO and VfB.
The StuttgART jersey: A work of art from Cannstatt
VfB Stuttgart presents the StuttgART jersey, the most extraordinary in the club's history. The world-renowned Esslingen artist Tim Bengel has designed it in the colours of black, white and gold. The black and white pattern corresponds to the cross-section of a Filderkraut head, the superfood grown in our region, which is repeatedly used in Bengel's work.

For the first time, there is not just one version of the shirt. If you look closely, you will discover that the pattern is not the same on every piece. Instead, there are five variants of the design, which was taken from different parts of a larger picture. Football and art are thus combined in a unique way.

“I’ve been fascinated by VfB and its fans since my childhood, so it’s an honour to be allowed to design a shirt for my dearest club,” said Bengel. “It brings art onto the pitch, combining two wonderful disciplines. I hope we delight lots of VfB fans with the design.”

The StuttgART jersey is an art object and collector's item with a strictly limited edition of 1,893 pieces, which is why the price of €189.30 is significantly higher than that of a regular kit. This also makes it possible to pass on ten percent of the proceeds to the VfB foundation "Brustring der Herzen", which will benefit important social projects in the region. The main and sleeve sponsors, Winamax and hep, are foregoing their presence in return, resulting in an advertising-free design. The JAKO jersey also meets the highest ecological standards thanks to its production from recycled polyester.

“Stuttgart is one of the most passionate football locations in the country, and at the same time a centre of art and culture,” commented VfB CEO Alexander Wehrle. “VfB is a cultural asset to the region, which the StuttgART jersey symbolises in a unique way. Through our foundation, we’re giving something back to people throughout the region from the support that VfB receives – and promoting social issues, democracy and society. It is therefore particularly important to us to also use this unique jersey for our foundation.”

Each StuttgART jersey has a digital signature in the form of an NFT chip and comes with a high-quality collector's box with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity. The VfB first team will wear the shirt, combined with black shorts and black socks, in the home match against Werder Bremen on 2 December. The sale of the limited edition of 1,893 jerseys started today (Tuesday) and will take place exclusively here in the VfB online store. In order to enable as many VfB fans as possible to purchase, the sale is limited to one jersey per person. It is not possible to choose between the five designs.