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News about substainability


The WORLD jersey

It is our first jersey made from recycled textiles and still only the start of a much bigger project.
The WORLD jersey
One problem in the textile industry is that worn clothes are usually thrown away at the end of their life cycle. So even if a jersey is worn for several seasons or, in the best case, donated, it usually ends up in the rubbish at the end of its life cycle. We want to break this cycle.

With the WORLD jersey, we already came a big step closer to this goal. It is the first JAKO jersey made from recycled textiles - and not from recycled bottles or other waste. With the jersey WORLD, we are thus closing the textile cycle. 

We want to refine this cycle even more. In the future, we want to recycle exactly those jerseys that you play with to make your new jerseys.

With "Our Team for a better World", we have created a platform where we would like to get in touch with you. Tell us about your ideas and projects on the topic of sustainability! We want to learn from you, present initiatives and network with you!

Here is the website: 

Together we can make the world more sustainable every day.
Our Team for a better World.